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The Yellow Fire, Emma Stone

The Yellow Fire, Emma Stone

About Fire Colouring

Peach is one of Emma Stone’s seven Personal Colours. This light, warm, clear Colour is an Alternate Colour for Emma, because it diverges from the normal attributes of Fire Colours, which are intense, warm and clear. Emma’s Colouring is also intense, warm and clear.

An Element Colour: Clear Warm Peach

Emma’s peach is light, clear and warm. In Emma’s case, clear Colours work best with her golden, clear skin tones. The peach that Emma is wearing enhances her Colouring and makes her skin glow.

Everyone’s personal Colours include warm and cool, intense and light Colours. In only one case does Emma wear a Colour that is not clear, and that is her Style Colour, which in her case is light, muted and warm. All seven of Emma’s Personal Colours are wonderfully becoming to her skin, making her skin look radiant and clear.

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