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The True Romantic: Timeless Elegance

The True Romantic: Timeless Elegance

The Principles & Meaning Behind This Look

This wonderful coat from T Tahari is a great choice for The True Romantic. The first Principle of Dress to emphasize is the exaggerated Focal Point. The way the chest is accentuated with an un-flowering softness is perfect for the True Romantic. The monochromatic silhouette is enhancing and indicative of this ultra soft and powerful Style. In the transformative unfolding of your ensemble, often via an accessory piece that frames the shoulders, you employ every nuance of effusive warmth and mystic impression that are the visible expressions of love, affection and profound interest.

T Tahari Marla Wrap Coat • T Tahari • $195.00

This look is available for purchase at the link above.

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