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The Sculptural Hairstyle, Penelope Cruz

The Sculptural Hairstyle, Penelope Cruz

About The Sculptural Hairstyle

Two things, bangs, and colour define the Sculptural Hair. Bangs are a hallmark of the Sculptural Artistic Type, although a somewhat shorter bang is better in this case than a very long bang. The bangs of the Sculptural Type frame the very strong eye. Also, the Sculptural Hair is typically dark rather than light. Here, the darkness of the hair is stunning. In every way, Penelope Cruz’s hairstyle is very effective at displaying her beauty.

Style & Colour Affect Your Hair

The Colouring and the Style also have an impact on the hairstyle. For a person with light Colouring, long hair is very becoming, as is evident here. Her hair is lovely with the relaxed styling and uncontrived effect that you see here.

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