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The Refined Natural, Casual Fur

The Refined Natural, Casual Fur

1. Focal Point

This slightly cropped fur jacket approximates the Refined Natural Focal Point of the high waist through the ending point of the lapels.

3. Ornament

The simple seaming on the jeans as well as the soft texture from the fur create the details that carry this ensemble. This look is ornamented mostly by the layering of the fur jacket.

2. Line

The silhouette of this look is quite Alpha, with the fitted jeans and fitted sleeves. The layering created by the lapels of the jacket and the flare of the jean bring the layers so integral to this Style.

4. Fabric

The medium-weight firmness of the jeans is very effective, contrasted with the moderately firm texture of the jacket. This is good because The Refined Natural mixes fabric types.

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