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The Refined Gamine, Mao Bin

The Refined Gamine, Mao Bin

1. Focal Point

The Focal Point for the Refined Gamine is the high, bolero waist. Emphasis is placed high on the body using details like a seam, pockets or a yoke.

3. Ornament

Ornaments are helpful to achieve a necessary intensity. This look shows that earrings, hat, gloves, belt and bracelet need to “match” in order to create rhythm.

2. Line

Line is the most important consideration for the Refined Gamine. Lines are clean, curved and often short and the silhouette is very Alpha, or fitted.

4. Fabric

Fabrics are best when they are smooth-finished, firm and medium-weight, with balanced weave or no drape. Small scale, sharply defined prints define the style.







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