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The Refined Gamine, Amanda Seyfried, Editorial

The Refined Gamine, Amanda Seyfried, Editorial

1. Focal Point

This swimsuit has an ideal Focal Point for the Refined Gamine Style. The Focal Point is the empire waist, accomplished here by a bandeau.

3. Ornament

The necklace repeats the color of the swimsuit and its beads allude to the shapes of the printed robe. This brings an appropriate rhythm.

2. Line

The Line of this swimsuit is very clearly defined, and is strongly Alpha.
The small, circular geometrics of the printed robe are also great for the Refined Gamine.

4. Fabric

The swimsuit and robe are both made of firm, medium weight fabrics. These fabrics hold the clean Lines that are so crucial for the Refined Gamine.

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