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The Refined Dramatic, Monochrome Glamour

The Refined Dramatic, Monochrome Glamour

1. Focal Point

This Refined Dramatic outfit displays two Focal Points, the primary in the trailing scarf that ends at the mid thigh, and the secondary at the shoulder.

3. Line

The folds reinforce the silhouette beautifully, with the elegant simplicity required by the glamorous Refined Dramatic, the simplest of all the Styles.

2. Fabric

The soft, medium-heavy, draping fabric could only be improved by having a bit more texture. Here, the single Colour lifts this dress into drama and glamour.

4. Ornament

The matching clutch and even the lipstick serve as Ornaments. Since this Style does not need to match its Ornaments, a contrasting bag could also have been used.

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