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The Refined Dramatic, Casual Elegance DKNY

The Refined Dramatic, Casual Elegance DKNY

1. Focal Point

The softly unstructured T-shirt beautifully marks the Refined Dramatic primary Focal Point with an uneven drape to the mid-thigh, and the wearer reinforces it with bracelets.

3. Line

This ensemble illustrates the way the Refined Dramatic silhouette ideally opens out to an Omega Line but closes in again at the ankle and wrist.

2. Fabric

Although the pant fabric is a little stiff for this Style, the ensemble wonderfully combines shine, texture, unbalanced weave, solid Colour and softness.

4. Ornament

The two bracelets are effective for the Refined Dramatic because of the need to use minimal Ornament. The outfit is finished off with solid but not contrasting boots.

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