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The Refined Classic, Oscar de la Renta

The Refined Classic, Oscar de la Renta

1. Focal Point

With the soft cord tied at the waist, the fur piece becomes essential to raise the eye to the very high waist Focal Point of the Refined Classic.

3. Fabric

The all-over embroidery is one way to get the intricate detailing that is so effective for the Refined Classic, plus it delivers a beautiful texture on the chiffon sheath.

2. Ornament

The taupe tones in the embroidery are repeated in the belt, and the tassel shape is repeated in the earring. A harmonious slightly wide bracelet completes the ensemble.

4. Line

The success of this slightly Omega dress is the opened out neckline where the cap sleeve broadens the Line. Here, the top offers the Omega silhouette rather than the skirt.

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