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The Elaborate Romantic, Vogue Australia

The Elaborate Romantic, Vogue Australia

1. Focal Point

The cut-away shoulder with a curved neckline, the cascading collar necklace and the detailed, swirled print collaborate to focus the eye at the Elaborate Romantic Focal Point.

3. Fabric

The detailed, swirled print focuses the drama of the Elaborate Romantic. The soft, lightweight, smooth fabric drapes perfectly for this high glamour Style.

2. Ornament

The layered necklaces relate beautifully to each other and to the belt and bracelets. The delicacy and detail of the belt, gold necklace and braids are perfect.

4. Line

The Alpha or fitted silhouette of the Elaborate Romantic is best with closure at the wrists and ankles and with a somewhat fitted torso, as you see here.

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