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The Composite Hairstyle, Kim Basinger

The Composite Hairstyle, Kim Basinger

About The Composite Hairstyle

The lightness of Kim Basinger’s hair is a typical feature of the Composite hair. All Composite hairstyles work within the framework of letting the mouth take center stage. Although a center part is usually better, Kim’s widow’s peak keeps the central focus that a center part would give.

Your Style and Colour Element Affect Your Hairstyle

The Colouring and the Style have a very big impact on the hairstyle. For a person with violet Water Colouring like Kim Basinger, very long hair is the most becoming. As a Refined Dramatic, hair needs to look cared-for and coiffed, not windblown, intensely styled or too simple. These defined waves are a perfect example of the kind of curl that works well for the Refined Dramatic.

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