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The Architectural Hairstyle, Karlie Kloss

The Architectural Hairstyle, Karlie Kloss

About The Architectural Hairstyle

The Architectural Hair features a side bang and a side part. The hair flips up at one side rather than curving under. Architectural Hair is best when the strands of hair are visible, rather than a blown out or coiffed look. Typically people of the Architectural Artistic Type look better in dark hair rather than light. For Karlie Kloss’ very light skin tone, this hair is quite dark and is very becoming.

Style & Colour Affect Your Hairstyle

The Colouring and the Style also have an impact on the hairstyle. Although most people of light Colouring look best with longer hair, the Sky Blue Water is even better with shorter hair. This short bob is her most effective hairstyle. Her features are shown to advantage, enhancing her beauty.

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