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The Aqua Water, Constance Jablonski

The Aqua Water, Constance Jablonski

About Water Colouring

Constance Jablonski wears Water Colours that are clear, light and cool because her skin tone is also clear, light and cool. Her Prime Colour is aqua-blue, one of three possible Prime Colours for people with Water Colouring.

An Element Colour: Clear Light Lilac

Like all people who wear Water Colours, four out of Constance’s seven Personal Colours are light and clear. This light, clear lilac is one of those four Colours. Like Constance’s Prime Colour, aqua, lilac is light, clear and cool. It is a very beautiful Colour for Constance because it is so becoming to her skin tone. Her skin looks clear and creamy because lilac enhances her natural Colouring.

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