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The Sculptural Hairstyle, Alexa Chung

The Sculptural Hairstyle, Alexa Chung

About The Sculptural Hairstyle

The Sculptural Hair reinforces the strong emphasis on the eye by using bangs. Front bangs are better than side bangs, in most cases. With only a few exceptions, the Sculptural person is enhanced by dark hair rather than fair. Alexa Chung’s dark hair and fringe are stunning on her.

Your Style and Colour Element Affect Your Hairstyle

A person’s Colouring and Style have an impact on what hairstyle works for her or him. Someone with Burgundy Earth Colouring like Alexa Chung will be most enhanced by chin length hair. This mid-length bob is her most effective hairstyle. As an Elaborate Gamine, she needs a style that looks very relaxed, even wind blown or tousled. This hairstyle is brilliantly effective because in length, Colour, cut, and styling, it suits Alexa’s Style, Colouring and Artistic Type.