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Army Anorak Coat From Nasty Gal

Army Anorak Coat From Nasty Gal

The Principles & Meaning Behind This Look

This coat from DKNY would be very effective on a True Romantic. The soft fabric and accentuated Focal Point of the chest, complement the glamorous and unaffected aesthetic of this Style.
In the transformative unfolding of your ensemble, often via an accessory piece that frames the shoulders, you employ every nuance of effusive warmth and mystic impression that are the visible expressions of love, affection and profound interest.

Army Anorak • Nasty Gal • $68.60

This look is available for purchase at the link above.

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The True Gamine – Diane Von Furstenberg

The True Gamine –  Diane Von Furstenberg

1. Focal Point

The Focal Point for the True Gamine is the slightly raised waist. In this look, it is achieved by the high contrast between the skirt and the bodice.

3. Fabric

Fabrics for the True Gamine should be light, crisp and hold their shape. This jersey and gauze dress would be more effective if it of a firmer constitution.

2. Ornament

Ornamentation is very important for The True Gamine. In this case, the printed skirt brings just the right amount of detail to this look.

4. Line

The silhouette of this dress if very effective for the True Gamine. The very Omega lines of the skirt are in balance with the more fitted bodice. This look is available at